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But there is something about that undefined, heart-racing, tingly, giggly, butterfly-ish feeling you get as soon as that special someone passes you by, or enters a room that tells you your crush is very real. It can’t be just for teenagers, and like a friend said, “Yuh never too old to have nice feelings”. People develop all types of crushes and at any given age, day or time.

The one good thing about crushing at this age is that it may be a bit less dramatic. You have the school-crush, the coworker-crush, the random-person-in-the-maxi-crush, the random-person-in-a-fete-crush, and even the ain’t-no-way-I-have-a-chance-celebrity-crush.

You don’t really have to experience the awkwardness of friends finding out and laughing at you. We have the choice to either move on, or make advances toward that person until we are satisfied. You know half of allyuh men feel you will end up with Beyoncé (or someone like her), and most women I know used to swear UP and DOWN that Denzel Washington is, or will be their man.

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As we get older, we like to think we’re way more sophisticated at the game called love. He just might end up liking that very friend over you. Doh keep the feelings bottled up inside for too long.

So we shy away from feelings that take us back to our younger days when we were naïve and unwittingly open to heartbreak. Note, I’m not saying to feel insecure around your female friends, and feel it’s all a competition. We should enjoy that bazodee feeling – acting dotish, fumbling for words to form a proper sentence, and feeling weak in the knees.

Crushes, however, are something that hit us ever so often, even if we think that this is the kind of feeling only teenagers get, not grown and over 30-something year olds. It’s a feeling that is totally universal, and doesn’t happen only when we’re young and in school uniform, with your socks pulled up to your knees, and ribbons in your hair.

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