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2: Your ambitions as a child and your ambitions now. 4: Qualities you would like in a partner (if you would like one). 18: Something you love to do, but feel guilty about after/during? Someone dark, strict…someone who would do things to her that she could not even whisper about.

5: Traits you couldn't put up with in a partner (if you would like one).

6: What is the worst thing you have done to another person?

(Looks, intelligence, personality…) 17: Think of your oldest friend. Spanked until red…and then it is time for the cane! :-) Falling asleep like that, little Emi offered all the boys in her class a good view of her bottom. And yet…somewhere…she kind of liked the embarrassment. She stashed her camera in her closet and waited for her punishment.

12: Do you think you're very conscious of the feelings of others or more self oriented? 14: If you struggle to sleep at night, what do you do to try and soothe yourself to sleep? 16: When you compliment someone, what do you tend to focus on? Gorgeous photo, the light, the contrast, her posture…everything. michaelrmasterson: She had been sent to her room to wait for her spanking, this time she decided to capture it on her cell phone.

She wants to stay there quietly and not kick and squirm.

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