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Jennifer also recently said that she had nothing but love for her second ex-husband, who is happily remarried.Among her most high-profile relationships is undoubtedly the one to Ben Affleck.

Marc Anthony, her last husband, has been divorced twice and is now in his third marriage.

Divorce from Marc Anthony finalized in June 2014The love life of Jennifer Lopez has been under scrutiny since she first stepped on stage to perform.

Her first marriage to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa lasted less than a year and did not end well.

Hoping to cash in on her fame, he wanted to publish a book about their marriage, but a permanent injunction against him made that impossible.

Jennifer’s relationship to Sean Combs is well known.

It did not last, which might be due to an arrest in connection with a shooting outside Times Square Club in New York.

Whilst Jennifer had nothing to do with the crime and was quickly exonerated, Sean Combs was indicted by a grand jury.

Shortly after leaving Sean Combs, Jennifer started dating Cris Judd, a former back-up dancer, whom she ended up marrying in 2001.

Unfortunately that marriage ended only nine months later and the couple divorced.

Neither of them spoke badly of the other and recently Cris went on record saying that the loss of his privacy during his relationship with Jennifer took a toll on him.

He did say, though, that it had nothing to do with the break-up and merely said it just didn’t work out.

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