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This cre­ates an XML file con­tain­ing all the lib­rary data — I named this some­thing like “Old Library Export” and moved it into OS X via the USB disk. Back on my Mac, where the final merged lib­rary was to reside, I set about copy­ing my old music files from the USB disk into my exist­ing (“newer”) lib­rary.

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Restarting i Tunes auto­mat­ic­ally updated them, and my old lib­rary was shown in i Tunes (though none of the tracks were play­able because the files weren’t on the sys­tem — no problem). I went through a period a while back where I was adding new music to both lib­rar­ies, so in order to min­im­ise duplic­ates I sor­ted my newly updated “older” lib­rary by “date added” and deleted everything added after the point where my “newer” lib­rary star­ted.

I didn’t lose any play counts or rat­ings here because at this point I was only listen­ing to music on my Mac.

I also deleted all pod­casts from my older lib­rary (had them set up on the new lib­rary anyway). I then expor­ted the “older” lib­rary from i Tunes: File Export Library.

I didn’t have con­stant access to the old PC — only a copy of my i Tunes lib­rary and music files on a USB disk.

This meant a couple of extra steps which I’ll detail below. One key pre­requis­ite is that both old and new lib­rar­ies must be sor­ted by i Tunes — you need to use the “keep my music lib­rary organ­ised” option so that i Tunes organ­ises your files by artist and album.

You’ll need a bit of patience and some spare disk space to do this prop­erly — also note that I did most of this on a Mac, so if you’re on Windows your mileage may vary slightly. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a tricky time mer­ging the two folder trees together (unless they both use the same cus­tom sort­ing scheme, but you’ll be lucky). Due to the dif­fer­ence in i Tunes lib­rary ver­sions, the first thing I did was update the older lib­rary to the latest schema.

I’m not sure if there are actu­ally any sig­ni­fic­ant dif­fer­ences between 7 and 10, but I didn’t want to make things any harder than neces­sary.

Merging Two i Tunes Libraries I recently had the some­what unen­vi­able task of com­bin­ing two large i Tunes lib­rar­ies into one and found that there’s pretty much no inform­a­tion on this online, so I thought I’d share my “tech­nique” in the hope that someone might find it use­ful.

Various guides detail the steps required to move a lib­rary to another machine, but not to merge it with another — the pro­cess shares some actions, but isn’t quite the same. My situ­ation was thus: I had an older Windows PC with a large-ish (40GB) lib­rary from an old ver­sion of i Tunes (I for­get which, prob­ably 7), synced with my i Pod Classic.

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