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Goddard at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., in 1924. Goddard died in 1945, but was likely as responsible for the dawning of the Space Age as the Wrights were for the beginning of the Air Age.

During your downtime this holiday weekend, take a trip back in time to mid-90's dating — dial-up Internet-style, the NASA logo that re-branded the space shuttle era and octopus' territorial warfare.

A tale of adolescence, technology and and pioneering Internet dating in the mid-1990s.

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If the enemy can discourage and prevent you from praying and believing God, he has you conquered.

Discouragement, as well as lack of prayer and joy, will eventually devastate your belief system and your marriage.” ― Iris Delgado, “In the midst of a hellhole, your faith will steer your ship in the right direction.

Faith is your title deed of the things you hope for (Heb. Faith is born in prayer and released by faith.” ― Iris Delgado, “Have you ever wondered why Christ spent so much time in prayer? But it was simply that through prayer, the faith that was in Him became activated, alive, and irresistible.

” The enemy of your soul desires that you be constantly involved in contentions.” ― Iris Delgado, “We are facing a war every day.

Without saying it, you are declaring, “Satan, you can’t have my marriage!

God gave us the freedom to choose good or evil, peace or worry, contentment or depression, healing or sickness, order or disorder, wealth or poverty, knowledge or illiteracy,” ― Iris Delgado, “Saying I love you and forgiving each other without holding grudges are very powerful ways of doing spiritual warfare.

The enemy of our souls, Satan, desires to steal our faith.

And in this prayer-born faith, He went out to heal the sick, hush the storm, feed the multitude, and show Himself master of all that was in the world—showing that the greatest function of prayer is to create faith so that we may not be weak but strong, and may gloriously overcome the world (Luke 18:1, 8)!

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Thirty-eight years ago this week, Viking 2 landed on Mars after a 333-day trip.

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