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Yep, this is Bill Hemmer and Gretchen Carlson from the early days in our careers.” As Bill jested, “Photo Shop!,” yet another pic of the two happily together appeared: Giggling, Gretchen continued,”The late ’90’s when we were both still in our very young twenties, hanging out and working together at WCPO in Cincinnati. ” Seemingly, starting to remember those times together anew, Bill suggestively responded, “Ah, hnh!

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I know that you love golf–I know a lot more about you!

” After some additional idle chatter, Gretchen concluded their segment together [FNI vid], saying, “Well, time for my take now.

Today we kicked off is because one of the best things about working in the TV business is what a small world it actually and how you keep running into the same people you’ve worked with before in another life.

Well, that happened right here at this office a couple times.” As a throwback pic of the happy duo embracing appeared onscreen [FNI pics (w/i vid)], Gretchen remarked, “Take a look at these gems!

”* Raising his eyebrows and chuckling, Bill sheepishly exclaimed, “Now!

In a new segment entitled “My Friends at Fox,” Gretchen brought out Bill for its inaugural debut with the seeming double entendre hashtag #WHATSYOURBEEFAfter posing political queries to Bill, Gretch concluded the interview, saying, “As part of my ‘Friends at Fox,’ we’re also interested in our guests giving us just one more thing, maybe, something that people don’t know about you!

” Giggling, Gretchen replied, “Now, Hemmer…I’ve known you for a long time.

I know that you left your job and traveled the world for a year: you’ve been to sixty countries.

And, as fate would have it, we both ended up here at the Fox News Channel…Hemmer, truly one of my friends at Fox!

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