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Our mens medieval and renaissance costumes section is something of a doozy.Because medieval times and the renaissance literally span several hundred years of time, there are a large number of costumes that fall into this category.But this is good for you; it means you have dozens of medieval and renaissance costumes to choose from, if going medieval sounds like an appealing costume option for Halloween.

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Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a huge assortment of mens costumes, in dozens of different styles.

If you are looking for a pirate costume, we have several different varieties, so you will have to decide if you want to look like a lowly deck-swab or if you want to be the captain of the ship.

Or if a gothic costume is more up your alley, then you will need to decide if you want to be a dark vampire, a grim reaper, or a scary ghost.

So if you believe that your costume needs that flair that only a good cape can provide, then you need look no further then here, at our costume capes and robes.

Not only do we carry various styles of capes, in different sizes and cuts, but we also carry several different colors of capes and robes.

We have hooded capes in black, red, and white; we have hoodless capes in red, burgundy, and black.We have capes that reach nearly the floor and capes that stop just-short of the knees.Or if you want to be something with a little more medieval or renaissance flair, then you have the biggest choice of all, ranging from paupers to princes with everything else in-between!We offer all these options and more within our mens costume section!And do not think for a second that just because they are costumes, they are not suited for uses outside of Halloween; many of our mens costumes are quality pieces that can be used any time the situation calls for a good costume: whether you are dressing up for the holiday, going out to a themed convention, or just getting together with some friends in costumes, these mens costumes are perfect for a staggering array of situations, so pick one (or more) up today!We at Medieval Collectibles understand the value of a good cape; like any good accessory, a good cape or robe can make or break an otherwise excellent costume.

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