Is brian urlacher dating paris hilton

Those of us in the opinion-making business are guilty of wanting it both ways.

We require our superstar athletes to dazzle us not only with their performances, but also fill our notepads with colorful quips.

Then when a jock offers total transparency and says something we deem terse or disrespectful, we sour on them for not being more user-friendly.

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On and off the field, there was way more good than bad with Urlacher, who announced his retirement Wednesday after watching his phone not ring for the past nine weeks.

It's the right move for the moody middle linebacker, who might not have been able even to pass a physical if an NFL team had extended him a contract offer with which he was comfortable.

While it wasn't completely Urlacher's choice, I applaud the soon-to-be 35-year-old for waving the white flag now and sparing us a 21st Century edition of Dick Butkus.

The once-menacing Butkus hung around far longer than his body was capable. 51 I saw play in the early 1970s was a mascot, not the formidable force who was so amazingly captured by NFL Films video shot in the '60s.

According to her bio, she is from Bloomington, Illinois, and was Miss Hooters of Illinois 2002 — which her small town police chief father should be proud of.

Urlacher dated Paris Hilton in the past, and now he’s dating Jenny Mc Carthy.He’s not the only athlete to score a Playboy bunny.Jenny further explained what she's looking for: 'I don't care if they have a big nose. Many opinions have been given on Urlacher's place in Bears/NFL history, as well as whether his often-surly disposition should leave Bears fans with a bad taste in their mouths.Here are some things I believe to be the undisputed truth on Urlacher:•Urlacher is the Bears' most dominant defensive player in franchise history.Forget Bill George and everyone else who played in or shortly after the leather helmet era.


  1. However, pathological liars may share the following common traits.

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