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Many US soccer fans are still aware of the natural skills and talent the young Ghanian born striker had.

No one can forget that he declined a professional contract with Inter Milan when he was fourteen years of age.

Milan was readying for a 1 million move, but Adu instead opted to play as a regular in the Major League Soccer.

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Nobody who had seen Freddy Adu play during his debut with D.

C United would have expected that America’s next rising superstar, now at the age of 26, would be struggling to land a professional contract.

Dubbed as America’s ‘Pele’, Adu was the future of US soccer.

But, as they say, anything can happen in the game of football. And now the once famous star returns to Tampa Bay Rowdies, a club associated with Northern America Soccer league; a failed prodigy donning the jersey.

Even if Adu had been signed up by a mediocre European club, unless he could have been as great as the American version of “Pele” or a top scorer in the league, he would still be criticized for failing to live up to the expectations of the world.

And as he begins his MLS campaign, there is no doubt that, should he perform mediocre, fans will not at all be disappointed.

Any expectation from him by the US soccer national team has long gone away.

This will shockingly be Adu’s thirteenth club, having failed to get a contract in various clubs all around Europe.

America’s now rising star Julian Green will be hoping his professional career does not end that way.


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