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United States savings bonds are a low-risk entry point into the world of investing. Department of the Treasury and can be purchased by individuals, corporations, associations and public and private entities.

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Savings bond interest is calculated monthly and is compounded semi-annually.

Interest rates are adjusted every May and November. Additionally, trusts, estates, partnerships and fiduciary entities can purchase savings bonds.

If a holder liquidates a savings bond prior to the five-year mark, a three-month interest penalty will be assessed. Savings bonds are available to anyone with a Social Security number who is a citizen of the United States, an employee of the United States or a U. Savings bonds are the only investment instrument purchasable by minors.

Previous savings bonds were issued as paper certificates and were purchased for half of face value, i.e. Current holders of the older certificates (series EE bonds) can contact the U. Treasury to have paper bonds converted to digital properties. Bonds purchased for higher education purposes may be partially or fully exempt from federal tax if certain conditions are met.

Individuals purchasing bonds for education must be at least 24 years of age, and the funds must be used for qualified purposes such as tuition and fees, expenses related to a degree program, and the post-secondary institution must be one that is eligible for federal student aid. For single filers, benefits end at an adjusted gross income of $86,100 or higher as of publication.

Those filing jointly can claim a tax benefit up to an adjusted gross income of 6,100.Mark Hoerrner is a writer and editor with more than 15 years of professional experience.Bonds are purchased at face value, usually in whole dollar increments of , or 0, up to ,000 total annually for electronic Series EE and I bonds, or ,000 for Series I paper bonds.Each bond must be held for at least one year before redemption, and bondholders who retain the bonds for at least five years will reap higher interest rates.Savings bonds are exempt from both state and local income taxes.The goal of interest on savings bonds is to keep the holder invested in the bond over the long run.


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