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Set Focus End Sub Code for closing the form: Private Sub Command Button4_Click() Unload Me End Sub Code for the sale and buy option buttons Private Sub Option Button1_Click() If Option Button1.

I have been using MS-Excel but haven’t done much programming in Excel VBA.

I know how to place controls on a user-form and do some simple coding.

Can you show me how to create a simple user-form in Excel that can help in inventory management?

I would prefer to have the same data on an Excel worksheet also. Thank you for your help in advance 🙂 We have created a user-form with appropriate controls and proper VBA coding for inventory management: Enter a new or old item Check for availability in stock for already existing items or buy new items Quantity sold cannot be more than available quantity in stock You can’t leave the sales or purchase quantity empty Automatic calculations of sales, purchase and balance quantities Transfer of sales and purchase data automatically to the Excel worksheet along with the dates You can use such forms to enter data using bar-code machines Watch the video below and study the code to learn how to use a user-form for inventory management in MS-Excel: “” If Text Box1. Value = Cells(x, 3) – Cells(x, 2) qty = qty + Text Box5. Value = qty Msg Box “Now select your sale or buy option” End Sub Code for sale: Private Sub Command Button2_Click() If Val(Text Box2) Val(Text Box5) Or Text Box2.

Set Focus End Sub VBA code when the form is ‘activated’: Private Sub User Form_Activate() Msg Box “Enter an item number and check availability of stock qty before sale or purchase or enter a new item for purchase!

From choosing college courses to keeping track of stock, inventory update forms are one tool you can use to manage the flow of services and products.

If you are constantly creating inventory update forms in Microsoft Excel, take the next step as an Excel user and turn on "Macro recording" while you type.

Value = “” Then Msg Box “Sale qty greater than available stock or empty!

Value = “” Then Msg Box “Buy value cannot be empty!

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