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We’ve sent a Raspberry Pi to the International Space Station and are training teachers around the world through our Picademy program.

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While that may appeal to some, Mozilla decided to remove options from the browser such as the ability to display small buttons.

Once you have upgraded your browser and restarted it, you will notice quite a few changes right in the main interface.

Another update: I managed to miss Baruyr Mirican and Darshan Gopal from the Broadcom test engineering team off the list too. Update: I did a rather poor job of collating the credits list this time.

Firefox 29 will introduce changes to the web browser that will rock the world of some users of the browser.

The version of Firefox ships with Australis, a design, layout and feature change that introduces major changes to Firefox and is in my opinion comparable to the major switch from Firefox 3 to 4. If you are running Firefox Beta, Aurora or Nightly, you have already been switched to Firefox Nightly.

The same will happen to stable users next Tuesday, the 29th of April.Firefox Australis simplifies the main interface of the Firefox web browser.Apologies to Aravind Appajappa, Jeff Baer, Saran Kumar Seethapathi and Noumaan Shah.Exactly four years ago, on 29 February 2012, we unleashed the original 256MB Raspberry Pi Model B on a largely unsuspecting world.Since then, we’ve shipped over eight million units, including three million units of Raspberry Pi 2, making us the UK’s all-time best-selling computer.The Raspberry Pi Foundation has grown from a handful of volunteers to have over sixty full-time employees, including our new friends from Code Club.

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