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I have managed to do this by typing the following into my mobile phone URL...(IP Address : Port number) The problem is the index page is displayed but with no CSS styling.Then when I click on another page, it says the page cannot be found It seems it has connected to the server properly, but not to the wordpress database.

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Furthermore, government subsidies are also available to merchants which drive the costs lower still.

I am currently developing a wordpress site locally using MAMP PRO, which obviously involves using a local database.

I would like to test this site on my i Phone via a remote link.

Currently, we are expanding into transport payments for the unorganized public transport networks worldwide such as the auto rickshaw in India, motorbike taxis across Africa, Tuk Tuks in Thailand and Jeepneys in the Philippines.

Nearex has noted that these merchants encountered the same problems with collecting and handling cash as their organized counterparts – small cash payments that result in a need for small change, theft, pilferage, and accounting.

Hence, the emphasis on the need to move micropayments to the top in order to complete financial inclusion.Nearex has focused on affordability by reducing transaction costs for merchants via our Xip PAY hardware.Despite all the challenges involved in the financial inclusion of the unbanked population, Singapore-based Nearex has still managed to emerge as a startup with payment hardware specially geared towards the rise of micro-merchants.enable their access to funds by going mobile so we work with existing wallets and integrate with back-end technology to offer a fully integrated solution to merchants in developing payment ecosystems.Its battery life is also estimated to be around 4 days to enable maximum use.The machine is also easy-to-use and portable which allow it to be used in a wider range of situations such as Tuk-Tuks in Thailand.

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